What is up with Google, Spotify, Waze and Google Music?

Recently, I have been driving to work after a very long stretch of either walking or taking subways/trains.  I have found that the GPS apps are pretty useful for letting me know if there is traffic on I-95 South.  Currently, I am juggling Waze and Google Maps as my go to apps as well as experimenting with Android Auto.  I do not have a favorite, but I do like the speed limit information that Waze provides as well as the Android Widget.  An interesting turn of events in one of the recent updates is the Spotify button being omnipresent on the Waze navigation screen (seen below).

I am a subscriber to Google Music and also like YouTube Red and question this Spotify Integration into a Google-owned product.  I am all for options, but Spotify seems to be the only choice here and Google Music is not available in the same way.  I have noticed that Android Auto doesn’t let you use Waze currently, and I wonder if this is some kind of indication of the internal spats that are going on at Google?  Why would Waze provide such easy access to a non-Google product when many people pay for Google Music.  This is super weird and I am pointing it out as a potential indicator of what projects Google might be killing next.

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