New favorite podcast application/website.

I am a big fan of podcasts and a longtime user.  I, like many, started with iTunes in my podcast listening, but quickly grew tired of how it handled feeds that I didn’t listen to in a while.  For many years as an Android user, I used BeyondPod for listening to podcasts and in general, was very happy.  Recently, because of some security reasons, I moved back to the IOS system and found myself using the default podcasts app.  This app is mostly disappointing and hard to configure beyond the defaults, so I started looking for a new app for my podcast listening.  At a recommendation from my co-author of this site, I tried Overcast (

I have been using Overcast now for almost a year and find it to be absolutely the best podcast manager available.  Not only does it work great as an app on IOS, it also has a web interface!!!  The web interface is really what put it over the top for me.  I can now listen to a podcast on my laptop at two times speed perfectly!  Not only that, I can use the browser on Android as well to use Overcast via the web.  This is just great.  Not only is it great to be able to use Overcast on multiple devices, it has another great feature — it syncs your listening across and between all your devices.  It works just great.  Now, I can go out for a run, listen to something at 2X speed, come home and pick it up right on my Nvidia Shield in the living room where I left off.  Its just a great experience.  Highly recommended!

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