It is a total mystery how to select the default Windows Hello device

I find the Windows Hello login very useful.  It is quick and generally very accurate.  There is one complaint I have that is really a bit of a mystery — how the heck to you pick the camera that you want to use for Windows Hello?  There does not seem to be a way to set a default anywhere and multiple Google searches lead nowhere.

I currently have 4 Windows Hello enabled devices connected to my Razer Blade 15 – A Logitech Brio, a Microsoft Kinect 2.0 Sensor, a Tobii 4c eyetracker, and the built in camera on the laptop.  When I am on the go, this is a simple thing, as I only have the integrated camera, but whenever I unlock Windows using this setup, it seems the integrated camera becomes the default. When at home, I use the laptop in docked mode with the screen closed (my cats tend to lay on the laptop and it has proven hard to leave the keyboard unguarded for lengthy periods) — this obviously makes it hard to unlock the computer with the integrated camera since the screen is closed.

If I go into the device manager and disable the integrated camera, the computer then selects one of the additional devices, but what this priority order is remains a total mystery — I can selectively disable each device and re-enable after unlocking with Windows Hello using the last remaining device (I prefer Logitech Brio for this). The computer seems to remember the last device, but this is not always the case.

I do not have any clue how to solve this annoying issue — does anyone out there have any recommendations?  It would be greatly appreciated!!

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