If the power goes out, so does your local network if you use Eero.

The big Nor’easter hit Connecticut the other day and we lost our power for a few hours.  We also lost out cable too: phone, internet and TV.  This was and is annoying, but I can understand how much work is involved to fix these things.  One new think I learned is that you lose your local network in a power outage when using Eero as your router.

I have been SUPER happy with my Eero system since I purchased it about a year ago, so I don’t want to say anything too negative there.  On the other hand, I am assuming the reason I have lost my local network is because Eero can not communicate with the ISP at present because of the outage.  This is kind of an oversight, but shows that these devices are not designed with outages in mind, rather for when things are working well.  I have always had single unit routers in the past (WRT systems mostly) and never had this issue when the cable was out.  I always had my local system including wi-fi.

This is a new experience, and kind of annoying.  I hope that some future update to Eero can fix this.  It should default to having a local network, even if the Eero can not communicate with the home base (eero.com)

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