Blanka is finally available in Street Fighter V.

I have been a huge fan of Street Fighter now for over 20 years.  I have purchased every revision of the game multiple times on multiple systems.  It was very disappointing that Blanka was not originally included in Street Fighter V, but as of yesterday, he is there!!  I played through his story mode and was kinda disappointed, but who REALLY plays Street Fighter for story mode anyway?  So far, I am loving this addition to the game and am now debating on purchasing Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on Playstation 4 as well.  I need a second fight stick on that system, but I guess that is how I am going to play it on the big TV moving forward unless I buy a more powerful laptop.  It is also kinda lahme that the game hasn’t been announced for Xbox One yet.  I don’t think my Xbox 360 Fight sticks would work on that system they same way the PS3 sticks work on the PS4 anyway, but who knows.  Now if they would only release Hakan, my son Ryu would be happy and we could really get to training to be world warriors!

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