The death of the PC needs to be rethought.

It is a very common theme in tech media and podcasting these days to refer to the post-pc era or that the PC is dying. I agree that the desktop PC market is shrinking, but the need for workstation grade computers is not.

Content creators regardless of the media type (video, games, text, graphics or audio) the need for a device with multiple input types, a large screen and decent processing power is not going away.  The number of people that buy these types of computers is simply shrinking because many simply do not need this power to update their Facebook status of post a pic to Instagram.

I would argue that the new PERSONAL COMPUTER is the cell phone and that the term “PC” should simply be eliminated in favor of the term “workstation”. It is really time that these categories are rethought.

The average consumer had no option in consumer technology during the early 2000s. Personal desktop computers were the only option and they were necessary to email friends and stay social.  Today this is not necessary. People do not need workstations for consumer activities.  Tablets, phones and other portable devices fit this market much better and the needs of the average consumer do not require the flexibility of a workstation. Even referring to a modern phones as “phones” seems a bit weird, given that talking on them is hardly the most common activity.

I argue that the phone in your pocket IS the current personal computer.


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