The status of Android updates…

So — AT&T pushed a new update to me today on my Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge device.  Recently, Google and Samsung (and AT&T) came to an agreement that monthly security updates would be sent to Samsung phones.  This, in theory, is a good thing and I assumed that is exactly what this update was, but it may have also been the Android 7.0 update.  The monthly updates, coupled with the fact that Google has separated out most of the core OS features as individual Apps (Google Launcher) that can be updated independently from the OS are all good things and make it less important to get the full OS update.

On the other hand, I have NO idea what is getting updated.  Is it a security patch, is it Android 7.0 or is it a fake OS update malware disguised as an AT&T update?  How would you know.  There is absolutely no way at all for an end user to know what they are getting into when they accept these updates.

This is not good and needs to be fixed.

Why can there not be a little bit of text that says that this is a security patch or operating system update?  Microsoft is actually getting better at this, but Google is particularly bad at educating their users as to why we need the update and what they do.

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